Jordan Real Estate

Style G

Land Area 1093 m2
3 or 4 Attached Villa
Space of area villa 310m

Park Area G1 100 m2

Park Area G2 175 m2


Boiler Room
Diesel Room
Water Reservoir

Ground Floor
separate Main entrance and separate garden area for each villa’s
Salon & Dinning Room
Guest Toilet
Living Room
Breakfast Area
Maid’s Bathroom & Laundry Room
First Floor

Living Room
Small Kitchen
1 Master Bedroom
2 Bedrooms or 3 Bedrooms
Shared Bathroom

Please Note:
All materials, dimensions and drawings are approximate. Information is subject to change without notice. Actual usable floor space may vary from the stated floor plans. Drawings are not to scale. The developer reserves the right to make revisions regarding materials and plans.